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Provide supervision, labour, equipment, and tools for the construction of track and re-alignment/refurbishment of existing track as per engineering design drawings to CN Engineering Standards and Specifications. Construction was 50% wood tie and 50% concrete tie. All track material was supplied by CN. Work was performed under traffic within work blocks determined with CN Transportation.

Project consisted of the following:

Construction of New Track: 46,200 Track Feet (TF)

Re-construction of Existing Track: 7,000 TF

Construct & Install Switches: 9 each #12/#20-136lb RBM switches including xovers on ML

Load & Place Ballast: 375 cars

Lift, Line & Surface: 53,200 TF

Destressing: 53,200 TF

Thermite Welding: 342 Welds

Trackage inspected by CN Engineering Sept 1/18 and approved for operating service.


Double Track - Rivers Sub

Canadian National (CN)