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Provide supervision, labour, equipment, and tools for the construction of track and re-alignment/refurbishment of existing track as per engineering design drawings to CN Engineering Standards and Specifications. All track material was supplied by CN. Work was performed under traffic within work blocks determined with CN Transportation.

Project consisted of the following:

Construction of New Track: 26,450 Track Feet(TF)

Re-construction of Existing Track: 11,888 TF

Removal & Realign: 4 Switches & 1,000 TF

Construct & Install Switches: 12 each #10 & #12-136 RBM including x-overs

Load & Place Ballast: 443 cars

Lift, Line & Surface: 33,300 TF

Destressing: 24,950 TF

Thermite Welding: 561 Welds

Trackage inspected by Gauge Consulting and approved for operating service.


Westlock, Cache Creek, & Slave Lake Subs

Canadian National (CN)