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Provide labour, equipment, tools and material for the construction of track as per customer drawings and required industrial specifications.

Negotiate source, procurement & manage logistics of all Track Material including rail, ties, ballast, turnouts, tie plates, joint bars, anchors, compromise rails, lag screws, track spikes, and other OTM to meet CN Standards & Specifications for Industrial Track.

Work completed to meet or exceed CN Engineering Standards & Specifications for a HASMAT facility and Customer Satisfaction.

CN mainline turnouts constructed and installed within the track block time allotted with no disruption to  service.


Project consisted of the following:

Suppy & Construct New 115lb RE Track: 15,500 TF

Supply, Construct & Install Switches: 12 each #10-115 ; SGM, 2 each #12-115 RBM switches

Supply, Construct & Install DSP Derails : 2 each

Supply & Install Bumper Posts: 4 each

Supply & Construct Plank Crossing: 4 each

Supply & Install Ballast: 14,500 Cu.Yards

Lift,Line & Surface: all track & switches

Bonding & Grounding : Loading & Scale track

Trackage inspected by qualified Cariboo Supervisor with Customer and CN Engineering approving the structure for operating  service.

Mainline Turnout

Beadle, SK

Secure Energy Services