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Railroad Maintenance
& Track Inspections

The Cariboo Guarantee

Railroad and Track Inspections are performed to identify defects in track infrastructure such as tie condition, track gauge, cross-elevation, rail wear, grade, culvert condition, and vegetation control. Although railroad and track inspections are mandated by applicable government regulatory bodies, the preventive measures that track inspections provide will help ensure the safe operation of the track or facility and reduce incidents, costs, and service disruptions.

Railroad and Track Maintenance is required to ensure the safe operation of locomotives, track mobiles and all rolling stock on customer tracks, private sidings, main track and branch line operations. Cariboo Rail can facilitate any size of operation and provide the necessary maintenance to ensure all track structure is safe and compliant to industry standards. We have maintenance crews with equipment and track material strategically located to serve British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Northern Ontario, taking on jobs of all sizes and scopes.

Client Services Offered:

  • 24 hr emergency repairs
  • Detailed Monthly/Annual Track Inspections and Audit Services as per Provincial and Federal Regulations
  • Tie and Rail Procurement & Replacement (low or high density)
  • Track Reconfiguration or Expansion
  • Dismantle and Salvage
  • Surfacing
  • Gauging
  • Thermite Welding
  • Specialty Installations – crossings, switches, derails, stop blocks, etc
  • OTM Procurement & Replacement (Joint bars, bolts, spikes etc.)
  • Switch Maintenance & Service including Frog/Switch Welding and Grinding
  • Crossing Upgrades (concrete, wood or asphalt)
  • Bridge/Culvert Maintenance and Replacement
  • Grounding & Bonding
  • Maintenance Budget & Planning (annual or multi-year)
  • Snow Removal/Winter Service
  • Ditching & Brush Cutting
  • Material Procurement, Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Temporary support staff for railway track departments both in management and mobile maintenance crews.
  • Supply & Delivery of all Types of Track Material
  • Derailment Repairs, Track Reconstruction & Clean-up Services (extensive supervisory experience)